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Winner of 2007 NJBIA Awards and Excellence in the Job Creation Category.
Winner of 2007 NJBIZ New Jersey's Finest Award'' honoring 50 Fastest Growing.
Winner of 2008 NJBIZ New Jersey's Finest Award'' honoring 50 Fastest Growing.
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Outsourcing has proved to be the hallmark of global development and has increased the footprint of companies across the world. There are many benefits associated with outsourcing such as -

Significant Cost Savings - Companies can save 30-50% compared to the cost of a U.S.-based employee for the same level of performance. Infrastructure costs in India and other developing nations are lower thus saving significantly on capital. Our off shore employees work according to US time so time difference is not a constraint. 
Access to Specialized Services: The function that a company outsources may not be their core competency but they can find an outsourcing partner who is specialized in that particular business process. A company can seek services from the most cost effective and specialized service provider.
Time-Zone Advantage: The offshore teams usually work during the night hours in the US, and that gives a 24 hour work cycle advantage to the US clients. The combination of US and offshore teams ensures a much faster delivery cycle.
Reduction of Legal Exposure - Employee issues can be time-consuming and can escalate into legal liabilities. Using offshore staff eliminates certain legal exposure to employment liabilities.
Flexibility - Unlike traditional employee relationships, off shoring eliminates hiring and termination costs, allowing companies to quickly expand and contract their overseas staff in accordance with business needs.
Retention and Loyalty - Many times companies are rewarded with higher levels of retention and loyalty from offshore staff because overseas employees typically consider working for an American company to be prestigious.



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